My bachelorette party

Real bachelorette party is really the best party I`ve ever had. I`ll tell you, I wouldn`t even dream of knowing that I would ever be able to go to such an event. And still be just mine! I would never believe it until we experienced it first hand. You know, it was such a big surprise. When my friend asked for my hand and wanted to get married, I didn`t even hesitate and said yes. Nothing else. Yes, it was a clear choice. And I never thought that my friends and siblings would give me such a perfect party that I will never forget. it was absolutely brilliant and most of all I thank my sister who had this idea and she also organized it. My sister has always been organizing parties and celebrations, she enjoyed it, so I knew that even a bachelorette party would be absolutely brilliant. And that was it! The real bachelorette party is so far one of the best parties I`ve had on my life.

I love party ballons.

Here it was completely different and different than what we are used to. Here it was all so brilliantly thought out and the decorations and embellishments were absolutely perfect. In addition, the music that played here was romantic, but it was also possible to dance nicely. My favorite 90s hits played and they made me dance.

My bachelorette party was suprised!

We couldn`t stand it at all and then we had to dance around the whole evening. I would really like such a party to everyone, because they will never forget that. The real bachelorette party also fascinated me in how well it was organized. I liked that there were dance instructors here as well. I was excited! My sister knew that I wanted to learn to dance tango, and I was allowed to do that here. so during the day I learned to dance tango in a famous way, which we then danced at the wedding. My husband had known him for a long time, he had learned tango about a week earlier and it was a surprise for me. Yes, it fascinated me a lot. And if you like it, check it out here on our website.